7 Reasons to Join Change the Game


Have you heard…Change the Game project, the most dope urban dance camp and largest street battle is coming to Calgary from August 17-23, 2015! There’s still time to register!  Need a reason to sign up. How about seven?

1) The 1st of its kind in North America. This camp will be the best dance camp of the summer with instructors from around the world! Calgary gets to play host to the first-ever Change the Game camp! Learn more at

2) The Legend and Host. Hang out with me and check out the latest in urban dance gear from Bobby Mileage Clothing (BMC). and


3) The Educators! Learn from the world’s best, the true celebs of the urban dance industry, including JR Boogaloo (USA), Meech (France), Popin Pete (USA) and Neguin (Brasil). Check out the whole Lineup at

4) The Dancing. All ages and dance levels will learn the four major and most popular urban dance styles – popping, house, hip hop and breaking.

5) The Music. Feel it from your core, as famous hip hop DJs from around the world mix-up the beats and get you locking, popping and hip hopping out on the dance floor. Find out more about the DJs at

6) The Celebrities. I’ve invited the best educators and DJs to be part of this event. My he talented OVEOUS (OV) – the music and voice we’ve all been waiting for – will be on the mic alongside Bobby as they host the CTG Battle Finals.

7) The Battles. Check out the fiercest competition where the top competitors will fight it out to win the biggest urban dance battle purse in the world – $60,000, along with a one-year sponsorship deal with BMC.


Change the Game is brought to you by Bobby Mileage and Pulse Studios. Register today.


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It’s About Time to Change the Game


This summer, I’m launching an urban dance camp that is going to break the rules, push the boundaries and take dance battles to the next level. In short, it’s going to the Change the Game. It’s no secret I dream big and my vision for this is HUGE. What happens this year is just the start of what I hope will be replicated in other cities around the world in the future. The camp and battle will be giving away $60,000 total cash prize with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cash prizes – the largest prize purse in the world to date! To top it off, 1st place winners will be offered a one-year signing bonus of 2000 dollars with Bobby Mileage Clothing, which includes opportunities to travel and work around world. It’s all happening August 17 – 22 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



I’ve been travelling around Europe and North America for the past few months inviting dancers to Change the Game where they will have a chance to learn from many of my colleagues, who also happen to be some of the biggest names in hip hop dance in the world like Popin Pete, Ken Swift, Brooklyn Terry, and Meech from France. During the day, dancers of all ages take classes in Popping, House, Breaking and Hip Hop from undeniably some of the world’s best. At night, there will be amazing dance battles and parties, with it all culminating in the main event on Saturday, August 22nd.


It’s time that urban dance battles are seen on the same level as the X games and other sports. I hope that every dancer passionate about Street Dance will join me at Change the Game. Find out about our history and foundation, and learn from the greatest dancers in the world. Street Dance is a universal culture and I hope to see people from all over the world. Be part of something special this summer that could change the game for you.

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