This is an interview that was much longer than what is here. It was a good interview explaining why I am there in the Ukraine and the importance of Hip Hop culture in the world right now! I am really glad that I decided to go to Ukraine and see how the people are dealing with all that is going on in their country. To also get their perspective on what is really going on. It was great to also see all the sites and places that the events actually took place. Learning also that a lot of the Ukrainians are not afraid that Russia is there. The interview that is posted now, is a video of me talking about BMC x Woodward. Explaining the importance of what I am trying to do in the street dance world. A bit hard to hear. Thank you Ukraine for inviting me and showing me a great time and also truly enjoyed all the conversations about everything going on in your country. Wish you all the best and hope to come back soon!!

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