FILED UNDER newsnews on March 17th, 2014 BY Bobby Mileage

This week was really great working with Pulse Studios and all the students there.  But this week showed me how there is no reason to complain or make excuses. That every day there are people going through things that are truly life changing.  I want to say thank you to Dallas for taking workshops and also showing up to all the rehearsals for the piece that I was hired to choreograph for his crew.  DALLAS has given me new inspiration on what it means to go for your dreams and goals. To make no excuses, this week he started his first treatment and regardless of feeling sick he did not miss anything. He did not sit out of any of the million times that I made the crew do the choreo over and over and over again!!  I gave him all of my BMC t shirts for what he gave to me this weekend is far more worth anything I could have given him!! The first day I came he was already rocking a BMC T and that showed his love! Dallas if you need anyone to talk to or to keep some fire! Hit me up anytime!! All my BMC Collection is open to you! Keep fighting and thank you so much for what you gave me this week!!


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