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Bobby Mileage

Bobby “Mileage” Barnette is a guy who has always gone the extra mile to get where he is in life. From the gutter to the globe ! From a young age he knew he was destined to do big things. Not wanting to make excuses for his difficult life he made the decision at an early age to make it out. The first big move was in sports. After constantly hearing that he was too small to play football! He got a scholarship to the University of New Haven were he excelled and became the starting receiver and team leader. Always wearing the number 1 to show that he was always trying his best! Trying his best to perform on the field he would still go to New York city and dance. But his first dream was to be a professional football player! Giving it a shot after college he did not get the opportunity to achieve his ultimate dream.

With a BA in Business Administration he still felt that he was to pursue a career of more importance and one of entertainment ! While working after not making it in football he was frequenting the NY club scene every second he could!! Working on his craft! With criticism once again he felt that he could do something with his talent. Not soon after working hard he had the opportunity to get down with one of the most influential hiphop crews ever to touch the planet! “Elite Force” achieving this was the equivalent of making it to the NFL!! With years of traveling to NY, most people assumed he was from Brooklyn like the rest of the crew. This is how he got his name mileage, for he was from Boston Ma. Always being on I95 from bean town and New Haven CT, the crew said we are going to call you “Mileage” you are always on the road. After putting the miles in on the highway he then started to put the miles in the air traveling the globe on tour with Mariah Carey. After joining the crew his career took off dancing for top artist like Will Smith, Mariah Carey, etc…

With many years of going to almost every country you can think of, but not with major artist anymore, but on his own or with his crew. Gaining worldwide acclaim for his craft with his crew is where the brainstorm of Bobby Mileage clothing was born.


bobby-oveousIn November 2008 Bobby Mileage Clothing was born. With the help of his boy Oveous Maximus the designer of the t-shirt line and also the elite force crew logo! Ove and Bobby have been friends for over sixteen years. He is not only a dope designer, but actually lives by the same creed of what the shirts are about. College graduate, corporate job and gave it all up to pursue his passion of spitting poetry and rhyming. He has now become one of the top poets around and has a few songs playing around the world! Coming from the struggle and making it through school and now living the dream. With Ove as the lead designer and name of the clothes carrying the names Bobby and Mileage. Had to figure what is the meaning behind MHC and BMA!! Being the brand and the name of the t- shirt, which will soon be developed into a whole line of products. The product has moved units based off of a great design and the name of Bobby Mileage as he goes on his tours and workshops!!


MHC – Mileage High Club : You may ask what does it stand for ? Well some may think of other things but there is a far deeper meaning to what this means to Bobby Mileage. MHC is a club of people who are not only world travelers, but also believe in achieving all their goals and dreams in life! Those who are not afraid to be go getters and reach for their dreams when everyone else tells them they are wrong! Bobby Mileage has always gone 150% to achieve this dream when no one thought it was possible. With this product we want to show class and swagger that is carried not only through the clothes but the people wearing the clothes. When you wear MHC believe there is not anything that can stop you from getting what you want. To be able to face adversity in the face and say I will get mine in life at any cost. You will go the EXTRA MILE to get there! If you feel connected to this philosophy and idea behind the product then you will love everything that is coming from Mileage High Club!



BMA – Bobby Mileage Air : What is Bobby Mileage Air? This is simple you wear the BMA you will dance and do better ! LOL ! No but the concept is based in this nature. Bobby Mileage and his crew Elite Force have done things with Hip Hop dance that many cannot begin to compare to! Many have followed but not many have accomplished the success as a crew ! As innovators and pioneers of this dance, it is just saying that they are one of the top is in the game and cannot be touched. Also, from always being on the plane and traveling he stays in the air and when he dances he is moving on air ! That is what Bobby Mileage air is about !

With fresh new designs always coming and the brand expanding, the hope is to get people to support and enjoy the line. Also, for people to feel the passion and energy that Bobby Mileage has put into not only his product, but also his life and career!

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